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You have been asked by a professional organization to write a white paper for publication in its upcoming newsletter.

The purpose of your white paper is to examine the benefits of beginning a degree in psychology, and how the experience of being a scholar helps prepare you professionally as well. You will also outline the competencies, responsibilities, and other requirements for psychology professionals. What gaps in your knowledge exist, and how will you fill in those gaps?

Finally, as you identify gaps in your knowledge, skills, and credentials, you will demonstrate your critical thinking and decision making skills by developing a step-by-step plan to achieve your professional goals.

Your white paper should help your audience understand what it takes to become a professional in the field of psychology, and provide them with an example of a realistic plan to succeed.

Format your white paper following APA guidelines and support your statements with references to at least five scholarly and professional sources.

Requirements Within your white paper, include the following: Explain how enrolling in a degree in psychology program will help you succeed professionally. How will this program prepare you to help others in the area of psychology you plan to go into? How do the expectations of you as a practitioner-scholar help prepare you for professional success? What role will research play in your career, and what type of research do you want to do (Industrial)? What insights did you gain from the research you conducted for people behavior in the workplace? Analyze the requirements for a psychology professional. Describe the skills and competencies needed to be successful in the field of psychology. Explain the laws and policies that guide the practice of psychology. Explain the ethical conduct expected of a psychology professional. Outline the process to become a psychology professional, such as credentialing, certification, licensure, and so on. Compare the requirements to become a psychology professional with the skills and knowledge you already possess. Where are the greatest gaps in knowledge? What areas of concern do you have (if any)? Develop an action plan to achieve your professional goals. (Please focus on the major milestones and do not get lost in the enormous number of smaller steps that you might take.)

In addition to completing your program, will you also participate in any additional training or volunteer opportunities? Will you create opportunities in your current position (HR) that will help you build skill and knowledge? What professional groups and organizations might you join to help with networking or informational interviews? How will you stay current with the research and literature in the field? What resources will you use to help develop the competencies needed to be successful both professionally and academically?

Be sure you adhere to APA guidelines for style and formatting, and reference at least 5 resources that may include both scholarly literature and professional sources.

Author- Adam Huler