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In many ways, a dissertation (or thesis, as it is known in some countries) is the final, crucial stage of a Ph.D. candidate’s long and grueling academic journey. It can be a stepping-stone to a successful career in a chosen field, or it can provide entry into the esteemed sphere of academia. Whether you plan to work in private industry, research, or higher education, your dissertation is a vital part of the equation.

A dissertation is a huge undertaking, consisting of roughly 250 pages and requiring at least one year (and often several) to complete. It requires not only concise writing but also substantial research, critical thinking, and strong organization. Nearly half of all dissertations are never finished.

So daunting is the task of writing a dissertation that many otherwise qualified Ph.D. candidates fail, and for many, it presents an obstacle that cannot be overcome alone. Recognizing that you need help with your dissertation is a good first step, but the most important one is finding the right partner to produce a thoughtful, insightful, and persuasive dissertation that will set you on a path toward bigger things.

What is the Best Dissertation Writing Service?

Unfamiliarity in tackling the unknown can derail even the most thoughtfully planned dissertation. There are so many components that need to be woven together in a cohesive manner to produce an academic piece that is engaging and persuasive. Because it also needs to be defended, a dissertation has to be well-written to effectively communicate the topic and convey key analytical points and conclusions. (Source:  Capella University)

Whether you seek assistance with a particular chapter or aspect of your dissertation or require our comprehensive dissertation writing solution, Huler1996.com’s experts are ready to assist and collaborate with you to produce an academic piece that is professionally researched and impeccably written.

Services Provided by Huler1996.com

Huler1996.com’s portfolio of services encompasses every aspect of dissertation writing:

  • Our team of crack researchers comes from virtually all academic disciplines and is ready to pore through every available academic and scientific resource to thoroughly research your chosen topic and conduct a thorough literature review.


  • Our gifted writers hit the ground running by preparing a highly polished introductory chapter that sets the tone for the dissertation and prepares the reader for what the paper will lay out and argue in a concise and organized manner.


  • Many Ph.D. candidates stumble through the methodology chapter of their dissertation because they lack the time and experience to sift through voluminous amounts of data. Our experienced dissertation writers are prepared to perform the necessary groundwork to provide a solid, academic backbone for your dissertation.


  • A well-written dissertation should report its findings in a succinct and insightful manner, and our dissertation deliverables include a results chapter that extracts the significance and meaning of presented data in a clear and methodical fashion.


  • All the work that goes into writing a publication-caliber dissertation culminates with the discussion or findings chapter. It is here that the candidate presents their conclusions and the bases for them, as well as previewing potential future research projects. With so much on the line, Huler1996.com’s team of academic writers is ready to put your best foot forward.

Are Dissertation Writing Services Legal?

Huler1996.com’s team of professional writers is made up of graduates holding degrees from esteemed universities in the U.S. and the U.K., all of whom are well-versed in the nuances of producing custom-written dissertations within your time requirements.

All dissertations are backed by a 100% plagiarism-free guarantee and are original works produced to order that meet or exceed high academic standards for writing, research, and analysis.

While certain states may have statutory limitations on paid dissertation writing services, there are no federal laws in the U.S. nor any national laws in the U.K. prohibiting the invaluable academic solutions we provide.

Should I Seek Help with my Dissertation?

In the U.S., the average graduate student takes an astounding eight years to work their way through a Ph.D. program. By the time that a successful doctoral candidate completes their academic journey and earns that elusive diploma, they have reached the ripe old age of 33 and are quite likely at the beginning or middle stages of raising a family on top of their scholastic and professional endeavors. (Source:  CBS News)

Even more startling is the fact that barely over 56% of students who enter Ph.D. programs actually finish them successfully and earn their Ph.D. degrees. The predominant factor in nearly half of all doctorate candidates failing to see their academic journey to its end is the inability to complete a dissertation.

So common is this occurrence that it has spawned a popular designation on resumes and curricula vitae submitted by unsuccessful Ph.D. candidates seeking employment: A.B.D., which stands for “all but dissertation,” as in they have completed all the requirements for earning a Ph.D. degree except for completing a dissertation. (Source:  U.S. News & World Report)

With so much on the line, choosing Huler1996.com can amount to more than just a wise business decision.

It can be a transformative life choice that will profoundly impact your professional trajectory for years to come and help you earn the right to place the title Ph.D. on your resume instead of A.B.D.

Receive Dissertation Help from Professionals

For many, writing a dissertation amounts to a daily struggle of balancing the tasks and responsibilities of everyday life with the enormous burdens of being a doctoral student. Despite the best intentions, you can easily find yourself having spent 30 minutes diligently working on your thesis and having but a few completed sentences to show for it. (Source:  Inside Higher Ed)

Although requirements will vary depending on the institution and the particular department, it is not uncommon for completed dissertations to range from 250 to 300 pages in length. (Source:  Columbia University – Department of English and Comparative Literature)

Because of this, many university Ph.D. departments advise their doctoral candidates to treat their dissertation-writing as a full-time job. Even at the highly ambitious (and in many cases, unrealistic) rate of devoting two hours per day exclusively to working on a dissertation, a Ph.D. student will be hard-pressed to finish it in less than a year, and in many cases, a dissertation can easily take several years to complete.

Why Seek Help with a Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation can have life-altering consequences that will change even the most basic aspects of your daily routine:

  • Writing a dissertation requires strict discipline, with each day’s schedule carefully plotted out to allow for several hours dedicated exclusively to working on your paper.


  • Many aspects of your life, namely social and leisure activities, will be severely limited or eliminated


  • D. candidacy and dissertation writing can cause serious financial strain due to the limited time available for earning a paycheck.


  • Your daily schedule will not include any significant amount of free time, and even basic things like checking emails or texting with friends will be severely limited.

(Source:  UNC-Chapel Hill – History Department; University of Maryland – Department of Family Studies)

As is most often the case, the challenge in completing a dissertation is not the individual components of researching the topic, compiling and analyzing data, or even the actual writing. It is the sum of these individual parts and the orchestration of these vastly different elements into a cohesive end-product that poses the biggest obstacle to Ph.D. students, particularly those for whom time is limited.

This is why collaborating with a team comprised of academicians and polished writers in the highly specialized dissertation space is not only a sound decision in the present but, perhaps most importantly, a choice that will help keep you on schedule as far as your long-term academic and professional goals.

Final Thoughts

The number of otherwise qualified Ph.D. candidates who fail to realize their hard-fought goal of earning their doctorate degree due to not completing their dissertation is startling. There are many reasons why so many dissertations get started but are never finished, but a lack of resources and support should not be among them. Our professional researchers and writers are ready to help you realize your goal.

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