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While in college, it can be challenging to find a balance to work, go to class, and do your homework.  Writing essays for multiple classes takes hours, usually hours we don’t have. Naturally, we turn to the internet to get help. And that is where we come in at Huler1996.  We assist you with the hard part!

Buying essays online is becoming a widely accepted way for many students.  The services offered are very affordable and highly competitive.  The writers employed by Huler1996 are well versed in writing and editing; you know you will get a professional and well-done product. 

These convenient services are helping countless numbers of people with essays and papers on a daily basis.  With being able to interact with the author and give feedback, you will be getting a tailored piece.  Read on to learn about all the great features that our company has to offer.

Is it Safe to Buy Essays Online?


Anytime we see products online, we are always a bit hesitant to make a purchase. Buying an essay online, can be a scary and intimidating thing for a lot of first time buyers.  But you can rest assured.  With Huler1996, buying an essay online is:

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Legal

At Huler1996, we safeguard all of your personal information and we 100% guarantee that we will not disclose any of your personal information to any outside sources.  Because we provide a completely confidential product, you can rest assured.

You can also rest assured that this is 100% legal. When you purchase an essay from us, you are buying the services that we provide.  It’s essentially like paying a ghostwriter.  You tell us:

  • What to write
  • How long you want it
  • The writing style you want,

We will deliver.  Once we deliver on the service you paid for, the work is entirely yours, and you have the right to turn it in as your own.

Our papers are written based on your needs, and because of this, they are original and are plagiarism-free.  We ensure that we are providing you with quality and original work.  If you choose to use another site, please be aware that you may not get the same type of satisfaction or privacy guarantee.

How Does Buying an Essay Online Work?


Sometimes the most challenging part of buying an essay online is knowing where to start.  When the decision is made that you will seek professional help, it is daunting to look at the different companies and what they provide, etc.  At Huler1996, we keep it simple and easy.  You tell us what you need, and we provide it.

Because we know how complicated life can be, we make ordering an essay or paper simple.  Once you have the info for your assignment, you can walk through the easy-to-use price calculator.  This allows you to adjust your order to your needs.  We offer online assistance via chat to help out with your order issues or questions if you get stuck.

Once your order is ready to be submitted, you get to choose your writer.  You can browse through hundreds of profiles and reviews to pick the writer that will suit your needs best.

If you do not have time or don’t want to choose a writer, we can assign one to you.  Once approved, depending on the essay, you can have your first draft ready within 6 hours.  This easy-to-use service is a go-to for many college students and professionals alike, and you will soon find out why!

How Much Does It Cost to Buy an Essay?


We offer many different packages, and it depends on what you need.  Our prices are affordable and competitive for this growing market.  Here are a few scenarios for you to gauge your project or needs.  With our online calculator, you can get a general price before you commit.  You can tailor your essay quote to your exact requirements, such as:

  • Writing, Re-writing, editing
  • Word count
  • Type of essay needed:
    • General
    • Admissions
    • Case study
    • Term paper
    • Thesis/Dissertation; and many more
  • Type of school you are attending
    • College
    • University
    • Master’s
    • Doctorate, etc.
  • Time frame in which you need your work complete
  • Single/double space, etc

Depending on what you need and how quickly you need it, prices for each paper will vary.  Our team of highly trained writers are up for the task.  For example, if you require an original basic college essay, single-spaced, roughly 550 words, and a due date of 2 weeks, you are generally looking at $22.00.  Prices vary.  A more in-depth and more extended essay could be anywhere up to $220 for a ten page/5,500 piece.

We offer highly competitive and fair rates for the market.  Try our paper calculator here.  On your first order, we also offer a discount of up to 15%!  Give us a try for your next paper, and you will not be disappointed.


Will I get Caught if I Buy an Essay?


Thankfully, with our secure and 100% confidential service, there is nothing for you to worry about!  We will not disclose your information to any outside sources.

The best way to look at it is this – you don’t get in trouble for paying for a tutor – this is essentially the same thing.  You are paying for a service to help you write a paper.  It is your paper, and you are entirely in control of every aspect.

With unlimited edits and access to instruct your writer, you will have your utterly original piece.  If you have a piece of your work, for example, our highly skilled writers can use that to gauge your writing style.  This will help all your papers to flow together without having a paper that is not passable for your own.

What We Offer For Each Customer


At Huler1996, we understand that life can get in the way.  We want to provide you with the quality work that you are looking for, with ease and comfort on your end.  Depending on your needs, we have many different services that we offer.  From complete essay writing to re-write or edits, we do it all.  Here is a general breakdown of the products and services that we provide at Huler1996:


  • Unlimited Revisions (yes, infinite, and FREE)
  • Free plagiarism report
  • Fast and punctual delivery (within 6 hours in some cases)
  • Ability to read reviews and pick your writer prior to submitting your order- this way, you can choose the best writer for your project
  • You can tailor your proposal to your exact needs
  • Can mirror your writing style (if you provide your writer with a sample, they can attempt to mirror your style)
  • Free reference page (if needed)
  • Complete confidentiality from purchasing side
  • You can choose your deadline – from 6 hours to weeks or months
  • Completely original collaborative paper
  • Can choose to submit a paper that needs a re-write or just edits


Our services are entirely professional, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You will be working with a highly skilled writer who will create a piece of work specifically for you with your specified guidelines.  You will not be disappointed with the professionalism and quality of work that we provide.




Time is crucial, and you may not always have the time to complete all of your tasks.  Our service will aid in completing projects in an affordable and timely manner. With the professional service, we pride ourselves on quick, efficient, and quality work.  Our tailored, original pieces will get you the grades that you deserve with less hassle. You will not be disappointed when using our expertise at Huler1996.

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