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Company Research / job specification (100 Points)

• Research two companies, institutions, or agencies that hire people in a field that you might like to work in after graduation. Give the name of the company or entity and a profile of its major products or functions. Indicate the size of the organization in dollars and people, and its geographic reach. Comment on the growth potential of the company based on its industry and strengths. • Explain why you chose these two particular companies. If the text is cut and pasted from a website, you must indicate the source in a footnote. Paper will be graded on (1) adequate coverage of company information, (2) clear rationale as to why you chose these two companies, (3) concise, error-free writing, and (4), it is written in the business style. (5) Include at least one table, graph or chart in your paper. • Job description at this or a similar company. (Use a common job search engine to find this: Monster and LinkedIn) Include a job description from this or a similar company that you would like to pursue and would be appropriate for a recent business grad.

Author- Adam Huler