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You are asked to produce a critical review of an academic journal article:  Jones, C. & Saundry, R. (2012) ‘The practice of discipline: evaluating the roles and relationship between managers and HR professionals’. Human Resource Management Journal, 22 (3), 252-266. You are required to write an essay (not a report) to review the journal article chosen from the list above. The essay should be written in the third person and NOT in the first person (you are not allowed to use ‘I’ or ‘we’ in this essay) The essay should contain an introduction, a main body (but do not write Main Body in your work, the marker will know that it is the main body of the essay) and a conclusion. You should use academic evidence to support your review. It is recommended that you use textbooks and journal articles (as your references) on the topic to provide a critical analysis. You are required to refer correctly to at least 10 academic sources in the text of the essay and then list them in alphabetical order as References after the conclusion. Your review needs to address four items:

  1. What is the rationale for the journal article?

Here you need to outline what the purpose of the article is. What are the core issues being addressed or the core questions being asked? Why does the author or authors think this may be of interest to people? Have they spotted a gap in the existing literature? What are the assumptions on which the journal article is premised? Ensure to back up your points with academic sources

2. What does the author or authors do?

In this section, you should tell the reader what the author or authors do in order to answer the questions or address the issues raised. Discuss the research methods used to gather data and to analyse this. Are these research methods appropriate? Are they likely to help the author or authors address the issues raised? What are the strengths and limitations of the research methods chosen? Ensure to back up your points with academic sources.

3. Outcomes

In this part of the essay you should discuss the contribution that the journal article makes. What conclusions are drawn, and are these reasonable given the nature of the questions and the research? Are any of the original issues not addressed? Ensure to back up your points with academic sources.

4. Strengths and Limitations of the journal article.

In this part of the essay you should highlight the strengths and the limitations of the article. Did the author or authors achieve what they set out to do? What has worked well here? What are the limitations of the paper? Has the author made any attempt to address these limitations? Ensure to back up your points with academic sources.

The conclusion should address the key points of the essay and a brief reflection on the learning that has emanated from this particular article both about the subject matter considered and in regards to the process of critical review. The conclusion should be followed by references and NOT the bibliography.

Author- Adam Huler