Services Marketing Exam/Essay

February 28, 2019


Essay Exam

You must answer both of the long essay questions, thoroughly, completely, logically, and coherently. You must answer all the short answer essay questions as effectively as you can. Long Essays

  1. You can find the following article using Google Scholar. Go to and hit the top left options – go to Advanced Search and put in some search terms to find the article. The article focuses on some elements of services marketing we have covered in this course. What are those elements? What do the results of the article suggest? How do these results agree or disagree with what you found in your Paper 3 research? “Airing the dirty laundry: The missteps of professional service firms after client service failures”, Terri Feldman Barr, Kevin M McNeilly. Services Marketing Quarterly. Binghamton: 2003. Vol. 24, Iss. 3; pg. 1

  2. Service Recovery is a critical activity but one that is predicated on several other concepts that we have discussed in class and you have read about in your book. Explain the concept itself, the concepts on which it relies, and how it can result in success or disaster for “luxury” service companies. Use examples to illustrate your answer. Short Essays a) Explain the issue of complaining and why unhappy customers don’t complain. b) Identify 3 key techniques that can be used to create customer bonds and encourage long term relationships with customers. c) Explain the different types of loyalty and why they are so important to service managers. d) Explain the service recovery paradox and its implications for service managers. e) Identify 3 customer feedback collection tools and explain the strengths and weaknesses of these tools.

Author- Adam Huler

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