Heart Failure

March 10, 2021

1. Overview & Definition: Name and characterize the disease 2. Epidemiology: population distributions of the disease and the social determinants of health that may affect the development and treatment of patients with this disease. 3. Signs or Symptoms: 5 (minimum) prototypical clinical features of this condition. 4. Pathophysiology: Briefly describe the disease mechanism and how it or specific aspects of it contribute(s) to the onset of each of the symptoms listed in number 3. The mechanism should focus on physiological processes (including the molecular ones) which are dysregulated in the disease. 5. Diagnosis: Enumerate the testing methods (blood work, radiology, etc) and the findings therein necessary to diagnose this disease or illness. Be specific and fulsome 6. Treatment: Describe treatment options with focus on both how the choice of treatment is informed by physiological causal mechanisms, and how it serves to interrupt pathological ones. Distinguish the treatment options from eachother based the disease presentation to which they correspond

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