Exemplification Essay Topics

Exemplification essay topics can be hard to come up with. Think of any controversial topic in the news and write an argument to persuade the reader. Then think of solid examples to support your points. These essays argue two sides of a topic by presenting specific examples and elaborating on them.


Most of the journalistic writing or articles you see have some exemplification elements. Writing an essay can be tricky, especially when you have your own opinions about a topic. Provide your reader with solid examples to persuade them.

Is It the Government’s Job to Get Students out of Debt?

One in six American adults owes money to the federal government in student loans. If the US government eliminated debt, that would cost a lot of money, but it would also stimulate the economy.


Many politicians such as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have plans to tax the rich, tax wall street, and work towards making all public colleges in the US accessible. Here are some reasons that student debt should be eliminated by the government.


  • More money– Eliminating student debt gets students to earn more right out of college.
  • Eat out and shop more– Generally, people with more money will eat out and shop more.


According to top economic researchers, eliminating student debt would lift the Gross Domestic Product in the US and decrease unemployment. This would also help the economy and improve many Americans’ quality of life.

Abraham Lincoln Had the Most Impact out of Any American President

Abraham Lincoln had the most impact. He was president during the Civil War, a time in America that split the country in half. He assisted with abolishing slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation. He began the long process of setting slaves free and letting them own their own land.


After a tumultuous Civil War, President Lincoln laid the groundwork for healing in the US. He helped turn a wartorn country into a prosperous one.


Unfortunately, he could not see the US’s ultimate unification because he was assassinated. His legacy lives on through


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Had the Most Impact out of Any US President in History


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) had the most impact as a US president in history. He served during the Great Depression and introduced important federal programs into the US economy like Social Security and The New Deal.


He stimulated a broken economy and played a significant part in World War II’s US efforts. He also showed very strong leadership during a dark time in America’s history. There are several reasons that FDR had the most impact as a US president.


  • 1933-1945– He served as the US President for 12 years.
  • National role– US started to become a national competitor for the world’s best country with the greatest economy during FDR’s presidency.
  • New Deal– This stimulated the economy and ensured that all Americans had the right to vote and get a fair trial if convicted of a crime.
  • Public President– He started “fireside chats” with the American Public on the radio and was honest, straightforward, and forthcoming with his addresses to the nation during a time when the US needed leadership.


FDR had the most impact on the US as president in history. This was partly due to the fact that he had a very long tenure as president. More than that though, he put back together a broken nation piece by piece.

Should All Politicians and Judges Have Term Limits?

US Supreme Court Justices should have term limits because of the changing times during a judge’s tenure. Judges are more likely to be engaged with the general public and feel about issues if we have younger judges with term limits.


The courts are upholding the constitution, but they are also supporting the consensus. Some appointees have been a judge longer than any Justice has been before. They are significantly older now than they were when they were appointed.


Experience is important. But so is relatability, especially when holding a seat in the Supreme Court. Justices hold a lot of responsibility in deciding important cases that make it to the most senior court.


Should Voting be Online and In-Person?

During an election, one of the most worrisome threats to any government is a threat to National Security. Cybersecurity is a massive concern during election time. This could come in the form of:


  • Hacking
  • Voting fraud
  • Ballot tampering


Pen and paper ballots, whether turned in at a ballot office or mailed in, have to be counted by hand. This is time-consuming and could take hours, if not days. Although this might seem ineffective, for now, it is the best option.


An election that is strictly voted online has many potential points of vulnerability, especially since the US has witnessed threats in past elections. Researchers have noted that our online infrastructure as a country is too vulnerable to have a 100% online voting system.

Advantages and Disadvantages to More National Gun Control Laws

You have to be 18 to purchase a gun in the United States. Some states have higher age requirements. You cannot drink alcohol but you can purchase a deadly weapon.


To purchase a gun, the seller must conduct a background check. But different states have different laws and regulations stating which background check system to use. There needs to be a more uniform National law about comprehensive background checks.


Only twelve US states require permits for handguns. These state statistics show that there are not that many gun laws in the US. Increasing the age to 21 across the board and requiring comprehensive background checks will ensure the safety of all Americans.


Purchasing guns is a right given to Americans by the Constitution. But the Constitution was written at a different time when militia groups were

Should All Drugs be Legal?

In the past, the fight against drugs has been a hot-button issue. More recently, there has been a debate that the US needs to disband this notion that making drugs illegal helps America. Here are some of the points of discussion.


  • Prison- More people are incarcerated because of this war on drugs mentality. Fewer prison beds are available for violent offenders. This is not to say that people who have violent offenses were not using drugs or doing other illicit activities.
  • Black market drugs– If drugs became legal, there would be fewer black market dealings and less illegal activity crossing into the US from other countries.
  • The opioid epidemic– If drugs became legal, there would be more regulation on them, and maybe this opioid epidemic that this nation is facing right now would slow down.


The problem is when one person who has never committed a crime is in prison for possession is taking up space while a violent offender is waiting for a bed in a maximum-security prison. There needs to be some leniency in the US with drug law enforcement for one-time offenders or nonviolent crimes.

Should It Be Possible for American Basketball Players to Get Drafted at Age 16?

Right now, the draft rule is that US basketball players need at least one year of college before jumping into the draft. Many seniors in high school are ready to be drafted and want to start earning money for their families.


In Europe, sixteen-year-olds can start playing professional basketball. The European players who come into the NBA are already equipped with the professional mindset because they have already played professionally for at least two years.


If the league were to lower the age of drafting, they would need a little more medical transparency from the younger players. They would also need more training on handling money professionally and managing your wealth responsibly.

How Much Is Too Much Money for a Professional Athlete?

Professional sports players are paid an absorbent amount of money. This amount varies according to their sport and the gender that gets paid. They are playing at a high level and putting their bodies at risk of injury every day, but what is that worth?


Some athletes still get paid even when they are hurt for months or even years. When excellent teachers are making $40,000 a year, and professional athletes are making upwards of $100 million, is that fair?


Professional athletes get deals and contracts with TV and other conglomerates on top of their already inflated salaries. The amount of money thrown around to these athletes should instead be put into things like:


  • City infrastructure
  • Education and schools
  • Healthcare
  • Prison reform


Athletes make too much money, and they should pump more money into the economy. This would make the cities that support these athletes better and more economically sound.

Should Everyone Be Taught a Trade Before Going to College?

Everyone should be taught a technical trade before going into college. More often than not, the college degree and intended career path will not be the path that you end up getting or choosing for yourself.


You can always fall back on trade will help you if you do not get a job right out of college. If you choose not to go to college or take a couple of years off, you have some working skills that will earn you money in the short term.


The average bachelor’s degree costs more than $100,000 in America. If you choose a trade, you can go to a school that will cost about ¼ of what you will pay for when going to a college. Preparing students for that trade in high school will only further boost the economy.

Google Home or Alexa?

Amazon Echo and Google Home are great speakers and voice assistants. The Echo has hooked directly into Amazon, so anything you need to purchase can tell the Echo to add to your list. Amazon Echo also boasts a better listening system where it knows different syntax.


Google home is more accessible to start with as your first innovative home system. The Google Home comes in several different styles and sizes. You can get a display where you can video chat using a Google app. You can also listen to music and ask questions.


Alexa is a little more intuitive when it comes to a listening device. It will listen to your voice and listen again as you hear what Alexa’s response will be. Google also does this, but Alexa has proven to have better response rates.


Alexa is a better voice assistant because of its listening power, speaker, and ability to respond quickly and listen closely to the speaker.


What Should the Legal Driving Age be in the US, 18 or 16?

There is a very controversial debate about changing the driving age to 18 in the United States. The reason for this is because teenagers do not have the best judgment.


Increasing the driving age causes them to rely on their parents for transportation for a little longer, which will give them a little more maturity. Here are a few examples of why the legal driving age should change from 16 in the US to 18:


  • Fatal crashes- The fatal crashes rate is half as high for 18-19-year-olds compared to 16-17-year-olds.
  • More active– If the driving age is eighteen, teens will have to also rely more on bike rides, walking, and other uses of transportation before getting behind the wheel.
  • Maturity– Once you turn eighteen, you are much more mature than sixteen.


If raising the minimum age of driving will decrease the number of fatal crashes, it might be considered. Teenagers have to become savvier about transportation and more active as teenagers.


More mature drivers on the road will be a win for any state. The driving age should be eighteen in the US because you can start making more mature and explicit decisions when you are eighteen.

Should the Voting Age Change to 16 or Stay at 18?

The voting age should stay at 18 because you can make more educated and thoughtful decisions. 16-year-old kids typically do not have a lot of interest in politics.


Sixteen-year-olds are also not as mature as eighteen-year-olds. They are still in high school, and not all of the sixteen-year-olds in the US are considering politics as directly affecting their lives. This is not true for every sixteen years old, but the majority.


Sixteen-year-olds are becoming more knowledgeable about the world as they have more media access. Instead of focusing on this, we need to focus on the real issues in the voting system, such as equity for all voting procedures.

Should Smoking be Illegal?

From a public health standpoint, yes, it definitely should be illegal. The problem is, it might not happen as quickly as saying that smoking is terrible and unhealthy. Recently, a bill was introduced in Oregon that suggests that cigarettes be illegal to sell.


Even though it might be morally right, it will never happen. Here are some reasons why.


  • Smoking has been around too long and is widely done across the nation. Making it illegal would increase the chances of a dangerous black market for cigarettes. It would also not be a popular item to vote on since it has been around for so long.
  • Making smoking illegal would be the same as making drinking illegal. That was already tried and was a failed experiment in US history. What prohibition taught us as a country was that someone will always supply it when you make something illegal.


Instead of making smoking illegal, we should be thinking about regulations on the companies that produce cigarettes and tobacco products. We should be considering making it extremely expensive to smoke or create other hurdles that smokers have to get around to smoke.

Should Free Healthcare be Universal in the US?

The US’s current healthcare system is inequitable, not working for all, and unorganized. Recent Presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have helped introduce affordable healthcare, but Presidents after them have gone against their plans.


Costs continue to rise at an alarming rate. For the US to become a healthy society, all Americans need access to affordable healthcare plans covering many different illnesses and preexisting conditions.


We have to emphasize primary care as a human right and allow all Americans to go to a doctor without having insurance concerns simply. If you have kids, you should not have to be worried about insurance when you need to take your kids to the doctor.


Social Media Censorship

In recent months, censorship has become a more important topic of discussion. Do companies like Facebook and Twitter have the right or obligation to censor their users’ posts or delete accounts?


Twitter deleted President Donald Trump’s account because it looked like his actions and tweets spurred on the Capitol’s insurrection. In cases like these, whose job is to censor these posts that were inconclusive and just him talking?


Twitter has the right to suspend his account because of the agreement you sign in terms of services. Twitter did not have to involve itself in politics. Still, it did by deleting his account, and now we live in a society where free speech is not necessarily free anymore. Censored free speech is not free speech.


Companies like Twitter should be more transparent with their users about their posts. If something is inflammatory, whichever side of the aisle the user is on, Twitter should have the algorithm take the post down.

Paternity Leave

Most European countries provide paid paternity leave paid by the government. Should the US join in and pay paid paternity leave?


The US has one federal law that guarantees unpaid leave for a newborn for moms and dads: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Many Americans are not eligible for FMLA. In the US, paid family leave is up to the employer to pay.


According to several economic reports, countries with the best economies have paid parental leave (for mothers and fathers). Some states have enacted laws for family leave programs.

  • California
  • Rhode Island
  • New Jersey
  • Washington
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington DC
  • New York


Sweden became the first country to offer dads paid paternity leave in 1974. Seventy other countries have joined Sweden in offering paid leave for new mothers and fathers.


Exemplification essays are argumentative essays that provide substantial evidence through examples to persuade their readers. Choose a topic that interests you and start researching examples that will prove your argument. Build on those examples with solid points of consideration.

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