Data Mining

March 7, 2019

Part one :

Data Mining

    • Read the document “Mining
    • Electronic Records for Revealing Health Data – The New York Times” & Bringing the Outside In and Describe the concern:
  • 1 Slide on How it improves efficiency
  • 1 Slide on Disappointment
  • 1 Slide on How the medical bills are raising – “Although the chief goal has been to improve efficiency and cut costs, a disappointing report published last week by the RAND Corp. found that electronic health records actually may be raising the nation’s medical bills.”
  • 2 to 3 Slides on Incorporating External Data into a Strong Business Intelligence Strategy– Summary of the paper


Part  two

 Read the Article ANewApproachtoHealthcareInteroperablility and other similar articles on Healthcare Data Exchange

  • Describe at the minimum one approach to Data Exchange
  • Describe the Challenges of data Exchange in 1 Slide
  • Describe the Method of Data Exchange in 1 Slide
  • Minimum 2 slides Read & Population Assessment Using a Statewide Informatics Platform and describe how Rhode Island manages clinical information from disparate sources using Health Information exchange.

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