American Racial Justice Movement (Specifically since the death of George Floyd)

January 11, 2021

Paper Requirements: This is an argumentative paper assignment that asks you to examine the history that undergirds racial violence as it relates to the American racial justice movement. In grading your papers, I will look for the following:(1) Your paper must have a coherent thesis statement(2) Each paper should include a discussion of history as it pertains to the chosen topic(3) Your paper must connect the history discussion to the political events surrounding the death of George Floyd(4) Each paper must address at least one counter-argumentOrganizational Requirements:(1) Provide a clear thesis statement. Your thesis statement should answer the first prompt questions: why is the site you have chosen important in American politics?(2) Spend a paragraph at the beginning introducing the structure of the paper.(3) The paper should be typed, double-spaced, use 12-point Font, use 1-inch margins, and be approximately 4 to 5 pages in length.(4) Page numbers should be centered at the bottom of each page.(5) Proper citations and references must be used following the American Political Science (6) Association Style Manual.(7) Provide a bibliography at the end of the paper and use in-text citations throughout the paper.Research Requirements:Locate at least four scholarly studies on the subject outside of required course readings. They must be academic books, scholarly journals (as opposed to newspapers or news magazines), and/or academic reports. Suggested databases for locating academic sources JSTOR; Lexis Nexis Academic; HeinOnline; and Project Muse.

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